Bridge Creek Estate: Conservation

The Cecil family, along with ranch staff, have put a high priority on land stewardship and conservation of natural resources. Our goal has been to ensure the economic prosperity of the ranch while also protecting the beautiful natural features of our property, such as Exeter Lake, Little Bridge Creek and over 500 acres of wildlife-rich wetlands.

BCCA Environmental Stewardship Award

In conjunction with Ducks Unlimited and various Government agencies, we have undertaken a number of environmental stewardship projects. In particular, we have constructed extensive riparian buffer zones and alternative watering systems to reduce the impact of livestock on sensitive water-interface areas. In recognition for this work, the BC Cattleman's Association awarded Bridge Creek Estate its yearly Environmental Stewardship Award in 2001. We are very proud of this award and the recognition it gained at the provincial level.

Ranch manager Don Savjord has built a reputation for seeking win/win solutions for the environment, the ranch, funding bodies and volunteer organizations. For more details, see Don's Wetlands Restoration Project article, describing these conservation projects.

Forest Stewardship Award

In addition to our riparian and grazing conservation projects, we seek to manage our forest lands using the principles of ecoforestry. In 2000, the Woodlot Product Development Council awarded Bridge Creek Estate its Forest Stewardship Award 'in recognition of contribution to the success of the B.C. Woodlot License Program in the 100 Mile House Forest District.' For more information on our woodlot and private forests, please see our EcoForestry page.

Wetlands Restoration Project

A conversation with Bridge Creek Estate ranch manager Don Savjord:
“When I came back to work for the Ranch in 1994 after a family reorganization, environmental issues became a major element in the day-to-day operations. This ranch is only one small part of a large watershed but we want the water that flows through our valley to be just as good leaving as when it first appeared on our land.”


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Video of Conservation Areas:

Don with award

Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Resident doe with triplet fawns

Conservation Articles (PDF Files)

Excerpt from In the footsteps of J.A. Munro: Waterbirds and wetlands in the Cariboo parklands, British Columbia (A comparative study: 1938, 1958, 2001). Reprinted with permission from the Canadian Wildlife Service, Environmental Conservation Branch.
PDF file, 6.7 MB

Success Stories: Bridge Creek Estate — An Interview with Don Savjord (BC Grasslands, Spring 2007 issue of the Grasslands Conservation Council of BC, author Amber Cowie, Education and Outreach Coordinator).From the BC Grasslands magazine, Spring 2007 edition. Posted with permission of the Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia.
PDF file, 42 KB

BCCA — Bridge Creek Estate, Environmental Stewardship Award 2001, July 2001 issue of the BC Cattlemen's Association magazine. Two-page article highlights the partnership between conservation groups and ranch projects to protect sensitive ecological zones.
Original scanned PDF file, 1.8 MB; and Re-typed content in PDF for easier reading.

Bridge Creek Estate supports the Cariboo Badger Project — Educational article by Roger Packham, Seniors Ecosystems Biologist with the Ministry of Environment, on the red-listed badger T.t. jeffersonii subspecies of the North American Badger, some who reside and/or hunt on BCE land. From the BC Grasslands magazine, Spring 2007 edition. Posted with permission of the Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia.
PDF file, 42 KB


Great Blue Heron

Ardea Herodius,
Provincial Blue-listed Species
frequenting BCE ranch wetlands