Bridge Creek Ranch: Registered Quarter Horses

Horse Facilities

The Bridge Creek Ranch is blessed with a central location, extensive trails and modern facilities which make it a horse-owner's dream. Drawing on years of experience, we have carefully planned our horse pastures which include heated water-feeders and many newly-built shelters. A large network of riding trails extends around Exeter Lake through natural grasslands and Douglas-fir forests. At the centre of our operation, the main ranch-building provides clean and bright stalls for foaling and doctoring animals as well as a large heated tack-room complete with staff amenities.

Horse Boarding & Events

In addition to horse sales and stud services, Bridge Creek has built a reputation for quality horse boarding, caring for up to 15 horses year-round. Taking advantage of the on-site facilities, we have hosted several ICHA 'Cutting Horse' events as well as vet clinics and training courses.



Faye & filly