Bridge Creek Ranch: Registered Quarter Horses

Horse Facilities

The Bridge Creek Ranch is blessed with a central location, extensive trails and modern facilities which make it a horse-owner's dream. Drawing on years of experience, we have carefully planned our horse pastures which include heated water-feeders and many newly-built shelters. A large network of riding trails extends around Exeter Lake through natural grasslands and Douglas-fir forests. At the centre of our operation, the main ranch-building provides clean and bright stalls for foaling and doctoring animals as well as a large heated tack-room complete with staff amenities.

Horse Boarding & Events

In addition to horse sales and stud services, Bridge Creek has built a reputation for quality horse boarding, caring for up to 15 horses year-round. Taking advantage of the on-site facilities, we have hosted several ICHA 'Cutting Horse' events as well as vet clinics and training courses.

At Stud

Zippernatural (1994 AQHA Chestnut Stallion) is a sire with conformation, disposition, marketability and a strong genetic foundation in the Zippo Pine Bar bloodline. With limited showing he has earned Halter and Western Pleasure points. In combination with the registered ranch broodmares, 'Zip' has sired highly desirable AQHA registered horses that have excelled for ranch, pleasure and competition use.


      Zippo Pat Bars
    Zippo Pine Bar  
      Dollie Pine
  Zip O Whiskey    
    Sippin' Whiskey  
      Leo's Tam Tam
      Doc's Zimfandel
    Dancin Doc  
      Annie Two Jack
  Dancin Roseanne    
      Bugle Charge
    Bugle Doll  
      Mita Beaver



AQHA Ranch Stallion 'Zippernatural'

Faye & filly